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Lambert J. Derenette

Born in 1956. At the age of 16 I published my first “books”, biographies of the Russian Cosmonauts and American Astronauts and a monography about the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter.
The F-104G Starfighter was the first military aircraft I came every day in contact with, because they passed overhead on low altitude from the Kleine Brogel AFB.

In 1973 I entered the Air Force and served at… Kleine Brogel, Goetsenhoven, Koksijde AFB were I ended my short military career.

Started systematically with photographing Belgian military aircraft and since 1974 gathered up till today about 55.000 pictures. In 1995 started up a press-clippings archive together with a few friends and stretches about 12 meters in length.

In 1997 I published the first part of the ongoing bibliography about the Belgian military aviation and in 2001 published the book “25 jaar Sea King in de Belgische Luchtmacht”.
The same year I contacted together with a a friend, Davy Plaetevoet,  the Marine Heli Flight and published a website to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Alouette II.

Since the digital (r)evolution I am passionate about web- and graphical design, copyright issues, digital archival and filings systems.

During one of our endless conversations with my friend Bjorn , the idea for this site became reality…

Björn Vermoote As my father went into military service in Germany, I was born overthere and spent my youth in a town called Troisdorf. However the contact with my family remained in Belgium dense.

So every year  in July and August I spent my school vacation at Koksijde with my grandparents. The annual airshow at the military base of Koksijde developped my passion for military aircraft.

Meanwhile Lambert and his wife Marie-Claire were good friends with my parents, so that’s how I got in contact with Lambert. He showed me pictures of his military aircraft collection and slowly Lambert, my father and I went together to other airshows. Lambert learned me the first steps in taking pictures and my hobby finally started.
When I finished school, I also went into military service and nowadays I live in Koksijde and work at Koksijde Air Base.

I stayed in contact with Lambert and throughout the years , our common interest became the search for Belgian military aircraft in musea , monuments, wrecks,...   Putting our website online.

I hope to encourage other enthousiasts to share our passion for these former Belgian birds. I hope you like our site and if you have any comments, updates, information, pictures, new locations don’t hesitate and contact us.

Enjoy !


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